* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Cara Soehner Principal
Tammy Plante Secretary
Kristine Shewchuk Grade 1 & 2
Sarah Vandermost Grade 2 & 3
Catherine De Poli Grade 3 & 4
Tsitsi Mhende Grade 5 & 6
Chandice Hope Core French
Cindy-Lynn Maclennan Early Child Educator
Shanna Adler Prep Time
Denise Valiquette Resource
Nicole Czaja Grade 2
Lisa Wright Grade 2
Rachelle Roy Grade 3 & 4
Christine Boudreau Grade 5 & 6
Lisa Marois Early Child Educator
Emily Power-Proulx FCI
Lucie Gauthier FCI-JR
Josee Faubert Full Day Kindergarten
Julie Hayes Full Day Kindergarten
Jennifer Palladino Educational Assistant
Todd Chartier Custodian
Susan Hurd Cleaner
Lucie St-Louis Cleaner
Erin Adams Lunch Room Supervisor
Marla Cull Lunch Room Supervisor
June Foley Lunch Room Supervisor
Laura Macleod Lunch Room Supervisor
Karen Young Lunch Room Supervisor
Muriel Anderson Lunch Room Supply
Carroll-Dawn Charbonneau Lunch Room Supply
Paige Farrell Lunch Room Supply
Jennifer Kincaid-Kirwood Lunch Room Supply
Kimberley Marsh Lunch Room Supply
Amanda Matson Lunch Room Supply
Donna Shuart Lunch Room Supply
Shari Gainer Supply Early Child Educator
Tammy Lavalle Teacher

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