Our Programs

St. Paul School Extracurricular:

  • Sports (competitive and intramural)
  • Knitting club
  • Primary choir
  • Chess club
  • Dance club
  • Running club

Snack Program

  • Childhood Enfance provide lunches and snacks as needed
  • Better Beginnings- 2 food group snacks for everyone once a week


  • 2 Mac book carts for our junior students
  • intermediate laptops
  • I-pad cart for primary students


  • Partnership with SCC
  • Holy Childhood
  • Toonies for Terry …(Terry Fox Run)
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • Food Drives…Advent and Lent…support Coniston Food Bank
  • Community support from Mr. Felix Lopes, Caisse Populaire, Northern Credit Union, Kiwani’s Terrific Kids, Knights of Columbus, Mr. Kelly Toppazzini
  • Many community groups use our gym to host their activities (evenings)

Early Reading Intervention

Early Success is an early reading intervention program that focuses on both word recognition and comprehension strategies delivered to groups of six or less Grade 1 Regular Program students. Student selection is based on early reading achievement data provided by the Senior Kindergarten teachers along with data collected through the program's Assessment Tasks of Grade 1 students. As the program progresses, an "I can read" attitude quickly develops.

Dearness conservation

Dearness Conservation (DC) is a practical, student-driven, activity-based program that brings environmental education alive in our schools. A cooperative team of students, teachers, principals, custodians and parents work together with Dearness Conservation partners in a multi-year program designed to increase sustainability by helping schools conserve resources and protect the environment

Piano Lessons (teacher Christine Begin)

  • Private lessons are offered once a week




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