Faith at St. Paul

At St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School, we strive to live our faith by building and sustaining a community of believers who make gospel values come alive daily. Every morning, before anouncements we dedicate our day to God, pray for each other and the world and ask for God's blessings. Students take turns leading these prayers, and we often get requests from students and staff for prayers for relatives or friends who may be ill, or in need of prayers for any other reason. Individual classes add to their daily prayers at lunch with grace before meals, and again at the end of the day. Each classroom has a prayer corner in their classroom, where students can go to read stories of faith, from books or from Scripture, and can look at various items of religious significance which may be on the prayer table.

Our faith comes alive again during the many celebrations which occur during the year. We have a blessing for the new year in September, Living Rosary in October and again in May, a prayer service for Remembrance Day in November, Advent celebrations in December, our annual February Faith Day, an Ash Wednesday celebration, prayer services during Lent, Stations of the Cross, and an end of the year prayer service and summer blessing. We celebrate monthly Eucharist thanks to the dedication and generosity of Msgr. Dave Cresswell and Deacon Brian Cresswell, of St. Paul the Apostle Parish. Usually we walk to the church, but if the weather is inclement, they come to us and we celebrate Mass in our gymnasium. We are indeed very fortunate to have such wonderful clergy who are more than willing and enthusiastic to celebrate with us.

We also celebrate our faith by reaching out to those in need by collecting food in our food drives, raising money for Share Lent, making charitable donations to other worthy causes such as cancer and heart foundations, children in hospitals and families who have children suffering with cancer. We recognize our students who demonstrate Catholic values by giving certificates to those students who are peacemakers in our school. We will be dedicating each month this year to the Beatitudes, encouraging students to try to live out the beatitudes in their daily lives. We at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic School, are indeed a "School to Believe In", and a School of Believers!

The apostle Paul was one of the most famous citizens of the Roman Empire and without question one of the most influential individuals in history. He was used by the Lord in his missionary and evangelistic activities to set in motion a great deal of the organization known as the Christian Church, the Body of Christ on earth, to the extent that billions of human beings have been directly or indirectly affected by his ministry. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he wrote the foundation documents for the Christian way of life, the Word of God which has changed the lives of millions. St. Paul the Apostle's feast day is June 29.


Monthly Virtues:

September: Respect
October: Faith
November: Justice
December: Patience
January: Peace
February: Compassion
March: Honesty
April: Stewardship
May: Empathy
June: Forgiveness

Catholic Theme & Essential Questions

JK/SK: Where is God?
Grade 1: Who is God?
Grade 2: How are we members of God's Family
Grade 3: Who is the Holy Spirit?
Grade 4: What does Jesus ask of us?
Grade 5: How do we live in Community?
Grade 6: How do we live in accordance with God's will?
Grade 7: What is our story?
Grade 8: How are we church in the world?



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